BGMI 3.3 Update Release Date, New Mode, Weapons, and More: Check Details

BGMI 3.3 Update Release Date

According to the renowned BGMI creator, Classified YT, the BGMI 3.3 update will be released on July 18, 2024. In his recent YouTube video, Classified YT gave many details about the new update, including the new mode, weapon, challenges, and release date. He said, ” If there is no delay this time, we will get to see the new update on July 18th .”

BGMI 3.3 Update: New Mode, Weapon, and Features 

New Mode

The new Ocean Oddassy mode is added to three maps: Erangle, Livik, and Sanhok. The underwater city, “Ocean Palace,” is going to be the new hot spot in this mode, which is located in Novorepnoy and Water City. Here you will get level 3 loot, but be safe from the enemies.

new mode

To play the new mode, select the Ocean Oddassy theme mode and jump on one of the Ocean Palaces according to your flying path. We recommend you be quick and loot the weapons and try to get the new “Trident” that will give you high-level loot with 4 recall cards. 

In Ocean Palace, you’ll get to see multiple water tunnels, with the help of which you can get out of this place after finishing all enemies.

New Weapon

Like always, new weapons have been added to the game in this update too. The new 3.3 update has introduced new weapons called Trident. You can find this weapon only in Ocean Palace.

new weapon

With this weapon, you can unleash powerful attacks on your opponent. Trident has various powers, such as the ability to levitate enemies in the air. It can create a circle that will damage the opponents in that circle, and it can make rain and tornadoes upon hitting the ground. 

New Area: Forsaken Ruins 

The Forsaken Ruins are added to the map in five multiple locations. Here , you have to perform some actions to unlock these places, where you will get good loot.

Water Blaster

water blaster

In this mode, you’ll get to see the new power, which will cause the water bubbles to move quickly from one place to another. You can find this water blaster randomly spawned on the map. 

Whale Escape Pod

whale escape pod

Using the Whale Escape Pod, you can summon a whale, which you can sit on and escape to the zone. This pod is also spawned randomly on the map.

Other Features 

Like the last update, another flying item has been added to the game called “Flying Stingray,” with the help of which you will be able to fly in the air. The Flying Stingray is spawned randomly on the map, like the Jet Pack in the 3.2 Update. With its help, you will be able to know the location of any enemy by flying, and in case you do not have a vehicle, you will be able to cover the distance quickly through an aerial route.

7 Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Challenge

In this mode, after getting 7 consecutive Winner Winner Chicken Dinner you will get a gem called “Heart of Stone,” and using this gem, you will be able to activate the challenge in the 8th match and get a new achievement.

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