We talk about food and memes: Sunil Chhetri reveals his conversations with Virat Kohli

Indian football great Sunil Chhetri revealed what he and cricketing legend Virat Kohli talk about. Notably, Chhetri and Kohli, the two icons in Indian sports, are close friends and share a great bond. The two have time and again extended their support and have mutual respect. Chhetri, who recently bid adieu to international football, opened up on the bond he shares with the cricketer while revealing what their conversations look like.

Former India footballer appeared on Raj Shamani’s podcast, where he shared insights about his personal life, and career, along with the bond he shares with Kohli. Shamani asked Chhetri about the kind of conversations the two greats have, to which the 39-year-old replied, “Majority of them is food and funny memes.”

He added, “Internet is a bloody king so funny memes that he sends and I send him back.” Chhetri went on to say, “We don’t meet very often, we talk very often, but the best conversations are the ones where I tell him something and he says, I understand.”

Watch the video here:

My biggest competitor is my mother: Sunil Chhetri on Raj Shamani podcast

On the podcast, Chhetri also spoke about his mother’s contribution to his career. Not only this, but he also said that between his mother and father, the former is more skilled and has more sporty genes. Chhetri said, “Both are very sporty, the hand-eye coordination is clearly there.” He added, “For my mom and dad to play any sport came very naturally. But dad, since he was absent, because of being in the army and multiple postings, our upbringing was done completely by other mothers.” 

Chhetri then said, “She was 17 when she got married. I don’t know how it was legal. She had me when she was 18 and a half and my sister when 20. My father would visit us in six months, three months, or even a year. So whatever we had to learn, it was from our mother. In the initial years of my life, I just wanted to defeat her in carrom, arm wrestling, football, and volleyball; she was beating me in everything. I would think, wow, the kids need competition, I didn’t have to get out of my house to find competition.”

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