WATCH: IShowSpeed attacked by mob in Norway; vows to never return

IShowSpeed, the American YouTube streamer, got attacked by a mob in a harrowing incident in Norway during his ongoing extensive tour to Europe. The 19-year-old had his hair ripped out by the people when the chaos ensued outside a shop, following which he vowed to never return to the country on his livestream.

After visiting the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, and Sweden, IShowSpeed arrived in Norway with the expectation of yet another fruitful visit to an overseas country. The American YouTuber had a heartwarming moment with his fans in Norway as he performed Cristiano Ronaldo’s SIUU in front of a large crowd, however, broke his ankle during the celebration.

Watch Speed hit SIUU and break his ankle:

While exploring the capital city of Oslo, the social media sensation had a few fans following him, asking for a selfie, but before he knew it, a swarm of people appeared around him.  It led to IShowSpeed saying on his live stream, “What is this? What the hell? No, no, no, no, I literally stepped foot in Norway for 10 seconds, bro. No. Let me enjoy Norway.’ After this, he went inside a souvenir shop, but the security guards had to block the entrance to stop the swarm of people accompanying him inside.

Watch Speed getting assaulted by Norway fans:

In the souvenir shop, IShowSpeed injured his ankle badly while trying to perform the “Siu” celebration of Cristiano Ronaldo. Following this, the security guards carried him through the mob to a car parked outside the shop, but things got ugly in a jiffy.

After IShowSpeed got tossed around and had his hair pulled out, he managed to escape the mob. He went on to cut his stream short and said, “I don’t think I’ll ever come here again, bro. I’m not even trolling. I love all my Norway fans, but you just generally don’t listen.”

“‘I’ve been to every country and it’s been lit, turnt, crowds, but that was just unhuman,” IShowSpeed added.

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