Why did Team India return with fake trophy despite winning T20 World Cup 2024?

The Indian cricket team returned to India with the coveted ICC T20 World Cup 2024 from Barbados on Thursday, July 4. After being stuck for four days in Barbados, Rohit Sharma and Co. finally landed in New Delhi in a charted plane sent by BCCI. The team met the Indian Prime Minister over breakfast and flew to Mumbai for a special open-bus parade hosted by the BCCI, which was followed by a felicitation ceremony at the Wankhede Stadium.

While the ICC cutlery is finally home, the one that the team own is not real and merely a replica of what they had won and posed with in Barbados. However, this is not a new thing and a regular practice that has been going on for ages. The winning team receives the real trophy for the shoot following the final game. But, the team travels with the replica of the silverware, while the real trophy flies back to the ICC headquarters in Dubai. 

The replica trophy is customised with the year’s event logo, which is unique as per the tournament. The Indian team landed in Mumbai at 5 pm and the open-bus victory parade that was supposed to begin at that time started a few hours later. Earlier in the day, the team met and interacted with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, where the latter asked players about their experiences and the feeling of winning the title. 

PM Modi took to social media to post pictures from the meet-up and wrote, “An excellent meeting with our Champions! Hosted the World Cup winning team at 7, LKM, and had a memorable conversation on their experiences through the tournament.”

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