PUBG Mobile Ocean’s Secrets event drop hints about upcoming 3.3 update

PUBG Mobile is all set to come up with its 3.3 update, where it would feature an exciting and immersive underwater-themed mode called Ocean Odyssey. The update will soon get live, but before that, PUBG Mobile has been dropping hints at this update in the current version. There are several areas in the game, where PUBG has shared subtle hints about the forthcoming version, creating an anticipation among fans and PUBG enthusiasts. 

Let’s have a look at some of the parts of the current version where players would be able to get a feel of the next update: 


Players who have been interested in exploring areas like Rozhok Bridge, Yasnaya Polyana, and the Watercity bridges must have notices new features in the game. There, players would get to see a giant octopus tentacle and a treasure chest. Opening the treasure chest would give them a loot as well as a special item known as Sea Pearl, which has no uses yet, and is all part of the hype. 

StingRay fish

The 3.3 update would enable players to fly using the StingRay fish, which could be discovered randomly. Players would find them as a part of ground loot, adding an extra dimension of excitement to the overall gameplay experience. 

Weapon Tridents

Apart from the aforementioned features, players would be able to see two separate Tridents at Points of Interest (POIs). These weapons would allow players to create tornados to lift and throw enemies as well as to eliminate enemies. 

While all the features that we have talked about here seem to be promising, one needs to know that these teasers and leaks are from the first beta version of PUBG Mobile 3.3, and may or may not be a part of the official update. 

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