WATCH: Jiri Prochazka asks Alex Pereira to use “no magic” ahead of UFC 303 showdown

In the build-up to the UFC 303 main event showdown, Jiri Prochazka, the Czechia MMA fighter, spoke about how the Brazilian Alex Pereira is using magic rituals to gain an advantage over him. In response, the UFC Light Heavyweight champion stated that he won’t be bringing magic to his fight against Jiri Prochazka, instead relying on a lot of training and dedication to emerge victorious.

Notably, on November 12, 2023, Alex Pereira defeated Jiri Prochazka at the Madison Square Garden in New York City, to win the vacant UFC Light Heavyweight Championship at UFC 295. Poatan knocked him out with a vicious elbow shot at 4:08 minutes in the second round last year.

Just eight months later, Jiri Prochazka accepted the championship rematch on short notice against Alex Pereira. In the pre-fight press conference, when Joe Rogan asked Jiri Prochazka about the magic rituals of Alex Pereira, he remarked, “This is nothing bad for Alex or whatever. I just want to keep (the fight) in a clear line without some bulls*** without anything, just a pure performance, no magic. Let’s show who is the best via performance, who is the strongest fighter on the planet in the light heavyweight (division).”

In response, Alex Pereira said, “This is a short-notice fight, I am prepared. It’s time for me to focus. Tomorrow is the time for us to prove who is ready physically and mentally. We are ready. No magic, a lot of training, and a lot of dedication. Shaman.”

Here is the clip from the UFC 303 pre-fight press conference where Jiri Prochazka and Alex Pereira addressed the magic rituals:

During his recent interview, Dana White reacted to the claims about magic rituals from Jiri Prochazka, and opined, as per BJPenn, “I love that s*** though. When Jiří found out about the fight, apparently he goes into a shed for three days. No water, no food, no nothing. Prays, meditates, whatever he does. His coach went and banged on the door, told him this fight was available, and he said something to the effect of ‘If this is what the universe wants’. So he’s that dude!”

“So he sees him doing the Shaman stuff…witchcraft, black magic, it’s just another reason that this fight is so f***ing awesome. This is real, this isn’t fabricated bulls*** when someone wants to come out with a gimmicky wrestling-type thing. This is who these two guys really f***ing are, man, this is what makes people really love [the UFC]. You know when someone is authentic, as opposed to some bulls*** f***ing wrestling s***,” he added.

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