CoD Mobile Season 6 Battle Pass rewards announced; check details

The Call of Duty (CoD) is all set to bring in the sixth season, adding to its popularity by introducing expanded character roster and a collection of weapon blueprint. Moreover, with some new add-ons to the gameplay, it promises to redefine players’ arsenal, along with bringing in some sleek and futuristic graphics.

The season 6 will also bring the Synthwave Showdown, a battle pass in the upcoming edition along with some new pass rewards. Here in this article, we’ll take a look at the list of rewards available in the sixth season. 

Here is the list of CoD Mobile Season 6 Battle Pass Rewards:

Epic Character – Riun – Rage Overkill

Epic Character – Klepto – Miss Cryptic

Epic Character – Crash – Knukleduster

Epic Character – Portnova – Glamor Mob

Epic Character – Stitch – Living Art (Battle Pass subscription)

Epic Weapon – Dobvra – Party Time

Epic Weapon – DR-H – Sonic Assault

Epic Weapon – SP-R 208 – Fated Journey

Epic Weapon – M4LMG – Guntime Funtime

Epic Weapon – BP50 – ASH2ASH

Epic Weapon – Type 25 – Veneance VR (Battle Pass subscription)

Epic Backpack – Hacker’s Bugout Bag (Battle Pass subscription)

Epic Charm – Flameable

Epric Frane – VR Dreams

Epic Backpack

Legendary Calling Card – Underground Culture

Epic Avatar – Knuckleduster

New Weapon – BP50

CoD Mobile Season 6 Synthwave Showdown: Release date, price, and more

CoD Mobile, with its season six launch, is also set to bring in Synthwave Showdown, a battle pass on Wednesday, June 26 at 5 pm (PT). Furthermore, it is to be noted that the pricing of the battle pass is 220 CP. 

Speaking in detail of the CoD Mobile Season 6, with new weapon blueprints and characters, the visual and gameplay experience is all set to get up. Moreover, it will also add depth into the overarching narrative, enriching the overall gaming experience. 

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