Igor Stimac asks AIFF to clear due payment in 10 days; warns of filing lawsuit

Former Indian football head coach Igor Stimac asked the All India Football Federation (AIFF) to clear their due payments within 10 days. Stimac, who was sacked by the AIFF, labelled his dismissal from the team’s helm as ‘unilateral’ and warned that he would sue the Indian football governing body. The Croatia international said that if the AIFF doesn’t settle his dues within the next 10 days, he will approach the FIFA Tribunal and file a lawsuit. 

The 56-year-old also criticised AIFF Chief Kalyan Dubey and accused him of breaking the contract repeatedly. Stimac, in his response to AIFF’s announcement, wrote, “I kindly ask you to immediately, but not later  in next ten days, organize payment to me for this termination of the contract without just cause in the amount which will represent a residual value of my employment contract that was prematurely terminated from AIFF side, and all that  in connection to the article 6 Annexe 2 of the FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players.” 

He added, “Otherwise, I will start proceedings against AIFF in front of the competent FIFA Football Tribunal and sue AIFF. I hope India will find a way out of the mess created not by me or anyone under my leadership in the last few years and will always be in my heart! Nothing personal and wishing you the very best in your future.”

Stimac also wrote, “I am adding my lawyer to take over our communication because I don’t want to speak or hear from AIFF anymore as AIFF has caused me enough health problems with its acts against me in the past 2 years.  Your “show cause notice” and “final warning letter “did stop me for speaking the truth to Indian fans and it did give me 2 stents just prior to the AFC Asian Cup but didn’t stop me giving it all to my team and fighting with my boys for the country.”

The All India Football Federation terminated Igor Stimac’s contract after a senior officials’ virtual meeting on June 16, 2024. AIFF’s statement read, “Noting the disappointing outcome of the Senior Men’s National Team’s FIFA World Cup 2026 qualification campaign, the members unanimously agreed that a new Head Coach would be best placed to take the team forward.”

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