Ronaldinho makes U-turn on criticism of Brazil’s Copa America 2024 squad

Brazil legend Ronaldinho clarified his criticism of the Brazil national team for the forthcoming Copa America 2024. Recently, the Barcelona legend stated that he would no longer be watching the football tournament and would not support the team. Ronaldinho’s comments left fans in a state of shock when he brutally criticised the squad and said that it is one of the worst teams. Not only this, but he had also said that the team doesn’t have any respectable leaders but only average players. 

The former Paris Saint-German footballer scored 33 goals in 99 international appearances between 1999 and 2013. Ronaldinho was a part of Brazil’s 1999 Copa America winning team and 2002 World Cup winning squad. He took to his social media to say that the team ‘lacks love for the shirt’.

The 44-year-old added, “I’ve been following football since I was a kid, long before I thought about becoming a player, and I’ve never seen a situation as bad as this. There’s a lack of love for the shirt, a lack of determination and most importantly football.”

The former footballer once again took to Instagram to clarify his statement and reveal the real reason behind the same. Ronaldinho gave a full explanation of his harsh words and said that his statement was actually the comments from fans that he used in a marketing campaign to encourage more support for the team. 

On his Instagram, Ronaldinho wrote,  “I would never abandon Brazilian football, ever. And I’d never say those things you see. Actually, these words came from real Brazilian fans, they are real comments that I saw on the internet. Imagine listening to these messages before you play. Nope, motivation goes down…fan support makes a huge difference to the player. I know what I’m talking about. Guys what our boys need is support at this time. The more confidence we show, the more confidence they will have on the field.” 

He added, “That’s why I joined Rexona in this movement to encourage the Cheer That Doesn’t Quit. We are asking everyone to send a message of support and confidence in CONMEBOL Copa America.”

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